Participants Tab—Managing Participants

The Participants tab on the Manage Workspace page contains information about workspace users, who are called Participants within the system. The Participants tab is accessible for applicants who are part of an organization and are Participants in the workspace.

A range of information and actions are available under the Participants tab, depending on the Participant’s role and level of access. If any of the actions or buttons do not display, you are not authorized to manage participants. Possible actions include adding or removing Participants and transferring ownership of the workspace.

Actions and Buttons

Individual Applicants: If you are registered in and only have an individual profile (i.e., not applying on behalf of an organization), the Participants tab does not apply to you. Review the Individual Applicant Registration help article for more information.

Contents of the Participants Table

Workspace Owners and users with the Expanded AOR role can add Participants to their respective workspace. This action is accomplished via the Add from Workspace Organization button or Add by Username or Email Address button in the top right corner of the Workspace Participants table. (The button is disabled for all other users.)

In the Workspace Participants table, information is divided into the following columns:

Note: Only Participants with the Workspace Manager role or a custom role with the Own Workspace privilege can become a Workspace Owner. If your organization uses custom roles rather than the core roles in, please refer to your internal training resources about The Online User Guide uses the core roles (i.e., Workspace Manager, Standard AOR, and Expanded AOR) to explain which users may access and perform actions. For more information, review the Manage Organization Roles help article.