Assign and Reassign Ownership

The current Workspace Owner may reassign ownership of the workspace to another Participant, but only if the Participant has the Manage Workspace role. If a Participant does not have the Manage Workspace role, the Make Owner link will not be activated.

How to Reassign Workspace Ownership

  1. Access the Workspace Participants tab.

  2. Click the Make Owner link on the record of a Participant in the Actions column.

Note: The Make Owner link will only be visible to the Workspace Owner.

  1. When the Make Owner link is clicked, ownership of the Workspace will be transferred, and the activity will be noted in the Manage Workspace - Activity tab.

  2. An email notification will be sent to the new Workspace Owner, and a confirmation message will display the following: “Participant successfully made Workspace Owner."

Note: The Participant who reassigned ownership also receives an email notification.