Add Participants from Workspace Organization

Workspace Owners may click the Add Participants button on the top right corner of the Workspace Participants table in order to open the Add Participants from Workspace Organization pop-up window.

Search options at the top of the pop-up window allow the Workspace Owner to search for new Workspace Participants by First Name, Last Name, and Role (role options in the drop-down menu include All Active Applicants, AOR Role, Workspace Manager role, Active Applicants with No Roles).

Note: Search results will include only the names of those applicants who are active and who are not currently part of the workspace.

After entering search parameters and clicking the Search button, results are broken into the following columns of information:

Note: Participants with the AOR role are also automatically given the Workspace Manager role.

Clicking the Save button at the bottom of the Add Participants To This Workspace pop-up window will add selected applicants as Participants to the workspace. Each new Participant will receive an email notifying them of their access to the workspace.

Clicking the Cancel button will close the pop-up window without adding any Participants to the Workspace.

Note: Applicant records that have been checked will be saved across multiple searches, even when their record is not visible in the current search results. The title of the search box will show the total number of selected applicants. When the Save button is clicked, all of the selected applicants – not just those on the last search screen – will be added to the workspace.

Removing Participants

A Workspace Owner may remove Participants by clicking the Remove link in the Actions column of the Workspace Participants table. This link is only active for the Workspace Owner. If the only Participant with an AOR role is removed and the organization has not given its AOR users expanded access, no packages can be submitted through the workspace until another Participant with the AOR role has been added to the workspace, the AOR role is assigned to one of the current participants, or all organization AORs are given expanded access.

If the Participant selected for removal is the only Participant with the AOR role in the Workspace, the Workspace Owner will receive the following confirmation message: “You are about to remove the only AOR Participant from this Workspace. Do you want to continue?”

Clicking "Yes" on the confirmation message will trigger the following events in the workspace:

Upon confirming a Participant’s removal, the Workspace Owner will receive the following confirmation message: “Participant successfully removed.”

If the last Participant with an AOR Role was removed from the Workspace, the message “Workspace Needs AOR” will appear next to AOR Status in the top section of the workspace.