Manage Organization Roles

To access the Manage Organization Roles page in, you must have a role that grants role management privileges. These include the EBiz POC, Expanded Authorized Organization Representative (AOR), or a custom role with the requisite privileges.

What Can You Do on the Manage Organization Roles Page?

Under the Roles tab, custom roles can be created, modified, deleted, and viewed. You may also view, activate, or inactivate core roles. Click the Activate or Inactivate links in the Availability column to toggle the availability of the core roles. Under the Roles Activity tab, role(s) related actions can be reviewed.

Understanding Core and Custom Roles in

There are two types of roles in (1) core roles and (2) custom roles. The three “core roles” are Expanded AOR, Standard AOR, and Workspace Manager. They are listed first on the Manage Organization Roles page, under the Roles tab, and their privileges cannot be modified.

The second type of role is the “custom role.” Organizations may create as many or as few of these custom roles as are needed. Each custom role may be given a unique name and assigned a custom set of privileges. Creating and assigning custom roles are useful when the core roles do not meet a specific organization’s grant workflow needs.

Pros and Cons of Using Custom Roles



Why? With over 12,000 organizations that apply through, we are unable to develop unique, customized training resources, such as this online user guide or tutorial videos, and user support services for the many combinations of privileges within each organization’s custom roles.’s online resources focus on the core roles. The following instructions explain how to create and manage custom roles.

Caution: For organizations that choose to use custom role(s) rather than the core roles, please consider the impact of needing to develop internal training resources based on the unique set of privilege(s) assigned to your custom role(s).

Explanation of Role Privileges

Below are all of the privileges that may be added to a custom role, along with brief definitions.

Basic Workspace Privileges (the Workspace Manager core role has these privileges, as do the AOR core roles listed below)

Standard Privileges (the Standard AOR core role has these privileges)

Expanded Privileges (the Expanded AOR core role has these privileges)