Adding a Profile during Applicant Registration

An applicant profile in corresponds to a single applicant organization the user represents (i.e., an applicant). If you work for or consult with multiple organizations, you may log in to your single account to access multiple profiles. Each profile may have different roles based on which roles have been assigned to you by the organization. Additionally, users can maintain an individual applicant profile.

How to Add a Profile During the Registration Process

  1. Complete the account registration process.

  2. Under the How would you like to proceed? heading, select either the Add Organization Applicant Profile option or the Add Individual Applicant Profile option. You can also add a profile after registration by logging in and going to My Account.

    1. An Organization Applicant Profile affiliates you with an organization. It is for those of you who contribute to grant applications that are submitted on behalf of an organization, such as an institution of higher learning, nonprofit organization, or state government. Organizations may add users not affiliated with their organizations to a workspace application, though. Read more about this in the Add Participants by Username help article.

    2. An Individual Applicant Profile is for those who apply for a grant for themselves and not on behalf of an organization. Read more in the Individual Applicant Registration help article.

  3. Enter the organization’s Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) in the UEI field if you selected the Organization Applicant Profile option.  

  4. Create a profile name that will distinguish this organization profile from any other profiles you may have within your account.

  5. Enter your job title for this organization in the Job Title field.

  6. Click the Save button to complete the profile creation process.

Authorizing Administrative Roles and Access for Organization Applicants

Once an Organization Applicant profile is saved, sends an email notification to the organization’s Authorized Organizational Representatives (AORs) with the Expanded AOR role or a custom role with certain privileges (e.g., Manage Applicants-All Roles). Authorized users can assign roles with specific privileges to a profile, such as creating a workspace or submitting applications for the organization.  However, you don’t need these roles and privileges to work on an application. Read the  help article to learn more about participants work together on federal grant applications in

Refer to the Applicant Management help article for information on how the EBiz POC manages roles.