Copy Workspace

You may copy an existing workspace to create a new workspace. This can save time filling out grant applications by reusing previously completed forms.

How to Copy a Workspace

  1. Login and click the Manage Workspaces link.

  2. Enter search criteria and click the Search button to display the results for all workspaces you have access to.

  3. Click the Copy link in the Actions column for the existing workspace you wish to copy. If you do not see the Copy link, then you do not have requisite access to copy a workspace. Users must have access to all forms or all non-budget forms to copy a workspace.

  4. Enter either the Funding Opportunity Number field or the Opportunity Package ID field that corresponds to the grant you wish to apply for. If more than one application package fits this search criteria, you will be prompted with a list. Click the Select link for the correct application package.

  5. Create a descriptive application name in the Application Filing Name field.

  6. Click the Copy Workspace button. Upon a successful creation, you will be directed to the Manage Workspace page. Refer to the Manage Workspace help article for more information on applying using Workspace.

Note: Applicants are responsible for reviewing and verifying all data in their application forms. Please verify that all forms data is correct after copying a workspace – especially if the source and destination workspaces have different form versions, as there are often changes to forms between versions.