Manage Workspaces

The Manage Workspaces page provides you with a high-level view of all the workspaces your assigned roles and access levels give you access to. From this page, you can search for these workspaces and check the status of each. You are also able to export the data if you prefer to review it in a spreadsheet. For general information about Workspace, review the What Is Workspace? help article.

How to Search for a Workspace

  1. Click the Manage Workspaces link on the Applicant Center page. The link is located in the navigation column on the left side of the page.

  2. Enter search criteria and click the Search button to display the results for all workspaces you have access to. The roles assigned to your profile and workspaces in which you are a participant determine the workspaces that will appear in the search results. You may use the various search criteria to narrow and sort your search results.

  3. Click the Manage link in the Actions column.

  4. This takes you to the Manage Workspace page.