Submit a Workspace Application

An application may be submitted through Workspace by clicking the Sign and Submit button on the Manage Workspace page, under the Forms tab. This action will submit your application to the federal grant-making agency if completed successfully.

The Sign and Submit button can be found in the Workspace Actions box. The button will be visible and activated for Workspace Participants with the AOR role under the following circumstances:

Attention: If all of the above circumstances are not met, then the Sign and Submit button will be inactive.

After the button is clicked, if any forms are locked by another user, you will be asked to confirm your action. By clicking the Continue button on this prompt, you will unlock all the forms that were previously locked by other users.

Caution: Please consult with the user(s) who have locked the forms before completing this action. By overriding their locked forms, your action may disrupt pending development or upload processes.


Sign and Submit pop-up window

If there are no locked forms, or you clicked the Continue button to override locked forms, you will next see the Sign and Submit confirmation pop-up window.

Applicants will be asked the question, “Is this a changed/corrected application?” and have an option to select "Yes" or "No". If an application is being re-submitted using the same workspace, the "Yes" option will be selected by default and the Grant Tracking Number from the previous submission will be listed.

Answering “Yes” to the question will associate the new submission with the previous Grant Tracking Number. Answering “No” will not associate the submission with any other application. For more on Related Submissions, read the Related Submissions help article.

To continue to submit the application package, click the Sign and Submit button to complete the process. Otherwise, click the Cancel button.

Note: If you receive an error during the submission process or the PDF confirmation page fails to open in your internet browser, see the Resolving Problems and Errors help article.

Retain the application tracking number that you receive in the application submission confirmation screen. This tracking number is also emailed to you upon submission. If the agency assigns an agency-specific tracking number, you may receive an email with a second tracking number from the agency that is offering the grant.