Manage Workspace

The Manage Workspace page provides access to the Forms, Participants, Activity, and Details tabs. Within these tabs, Workspace Participants manage and coordinate the completion of the opportunity package. For general information about Workspace, review the What Is Workspace? help article.

How to Access a Manage Workspace Page

  1. Click the Manage Workspaces link on the Applicant Center page.

  2. Click the Manage link in the Actions column (on the Manage Workspaces page).

  3. This directs you to the Manage Workspace page.

Workspace Progress Bar

Workspace Progress Bar image

The Workspace progress bar displays the state of your application process within a workspace. Below is a key for understanding the states.

There are five main steps to successfully submitting a grant application in a workspace:

  1. Created: The act of creating a workspace to apply with. If you can see the progress bar, this step will be complete. For more information, review the Create a Workspace help article.

  2. Fill Out Forms / Forms Passed: The process of filling out webforms and PDF forms. This step will take the longest amount of time. Once all the forms are filled out and the Form Status column says "Passed" for all forms, this step will be complete. For more information, review the Forms Tab help article.

  3. Complete and Notify AOR / Completed and Notified AOR: Once the forms are passed, you are ready to notify the user(s) with the AOR role that the workspace is ready to submit. For more information, review the Complete Application and Notify AOR help article. This state will not appear for a workspace created by an individual applicant.

  4. Submit / Rejected / Submitted: The act of submitting the grant application through and to the federal grant-making agency. Once the Submit button is clicked, the step name will update depending on the result. For more information, review the Submit a Workspace help article.

  5. Agency Received: Once the workspace is submitted and the federal grant-making agency has acknowledge the successful retrieval of the application, then this step will be complete.

How to Verify SAM Expiration Date

  1. Check the SAM Expiration Date to ensure it is up to date and active. SAM status must be active to submit a grant application.

  2. If the SAM Expiration Date is in the past or is "Deactivated," then the Verify button button will appear.

  3. Click the Verify button to check that this data is up to date with the SAM database.

  4. If stored SAM Expiration Date is in the past, you will receive an error message: "SAM Registration is expired. Visit to renew prior to submission.” Go to the SAM website to renew your organization's SAM status.

How to Edit a Workspace Application Filing Name

  1. Access the Manage Workspace page (see instructions at top of this help article). The Application Filing Name field is a required field for a workspace. You may change the name after creating a workspace.

  2. Click the Edit Name link next to the Application Filing Name field. This will open the Edit Name pop-up window.

  3. Change the Application Filing Name field to the new name.

Note: This is a required field for creating a workspace. The maximum length is 240 characters.

  1. Click the Save button.

Note: If your organization uses custom roles rather than the core roles in, please refer to your internal training resources about The Online User Guide uses the core roles (i.e., Workspace Manager, Standard AOR, and Expanded AOR) to explain which users may access and perform actions. For more information, review the Manage Organization Roles help article.