Create Application Package Templates

You can create an application package template that will be used for multiple opportunity packages.

Note: Forms with an “IFV” label (“Inactive Form Version”) are inactive and may not be added to new templates.

How to Create a Single-Project Application Package Template

  1. Click the Manage Application Package Templates link in the left navigation menu or the Grantors tab drop-down menu.

  2. Click the Create New Template button on the Manage Application Package Templates page.

Note: When creating a Package Template, only UEI form versions will be available. 

  1. Select which form family to use. To select a form family, click the radio button. The Active Forms results will display all the forms within this form family. For more information about selecting a form family, click the Forms tab on

Tip: You can preview a form by clicking on the Form Name.

Note: The SF-424 form is required for all Single Project applications.

  1. Click the Next button once you have selected a form family.

  2. Enter a name for the application package template in the Template Name field. This field must be completed to create the new application package template.

Note: If your agency or sub-agency uses Multi-Project packages but the Project Type field is not available, please contact your Program Advisor to request this functionality. To find your Program Advisor's contact information, log in to and click the Grantors tab. It is listed under the Grantor Support heading.

  1. Click the Add/Modify Template Forms button to customize which forms to include with the template.

  2. Optional: Reorder the list of forms (except for the SF-424 form) using the Move Up and Move Down links in the Actions column.

  3. Click the Save button to create the application package template.