EBiz POC Login

After January 21, 2023, you will no longer be able to use the Login as EBiz POC link to log in to Grants.gov using your organization’s Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) and EBiz POC account password. Instead, you will use a Login.gov account linked to an applicant account at Grants.gov.

Important: If you have an applicant account, you will be recognized as EBiz POC for this organization as long as the email address and UEI on the Grants.gov account matches the email address and UEI for the EBiz POC registered for the organization at SAM.gov

EBiz POCs who have not already created an applicant account for submitting applications can take the following actions to continue assigning user access and setting organization preferences:


If someone else in your organization has been granted the Extended AOR role in Grants.gov, they can perform any of the actions that only the EBiz POC could do when your organization first registered an account on Grants. Gov. For more information on organization settings and privileges, read Set Organization Preferences and Administrative Access. 

If you have been using a different email address for your applicant account in Grants.gov than the one on SAM.gov and you want the Expanded AOR role on your profile for the organization, you may:


If you are no longer the appropriate person to serve as EBiz POC for the organization, visit SAM.gov to update the organization’s information.