Rejection Report

The Rejection Report allows grantors to identify the exact cause of an application rejection.

How to Access a Rejection Report

  1. Select the Rejection Report link from the Grantor Center page or Grantor tab drop-down menu.

  2. Conduct a search by Number, Opportunity Number, Received Date/Time, UEI (Unique Entity Identifier) and Submission Method (Workspace, Workspace (Mobile), PDF, S2S and Third Party S2S).

  3. Search results include the following information about rejected applications: Tracking Number, Received Date/Time, Rejection Message, Rejection/Email Date, UEI, User ID, AOR Name, AOR Email Address, Legal Business Name, Legal Name, Project Name, CFDA, Opportunity Number, Competition ID, Opening Date, Closing Date and Submission Method.

  4. Use the scroll bar (at the bottom of the Rejection Report page) to view all the information in this report.