Manage Workspace Access

The Manage Workspace Access page allows users with the Expanded AOR, Standard AOR, or Workspace Manager role to review the roles and workspace access issued to the selected user. There are three main actions available on this page:

  1. Add the selected user to an existing workspace within your organization.

  2. Remove the user from a workspace they are currently a participant of.

  3. Make this user the Workspace Owner of a workspace if they have the Workspace Manager role.

How to Access the Manage Workspace Access Page

  1. Login in to

  2. Click the Manage Applicants link on the Applicant Center page.

  3. Click the Manage Workspace Access link in the Actions column.

Note: You can only manage workspace access for active applicants.

  1. From the Manage Workspace Access page, perform one of the following actions:

Note: The Make Owner button will only be activated if the user has the Workspace Manager role.